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Ed Terpening HeadshotWelcome to my web site.   Here I've collected representative samples of my art (landscapes, seascapes, figure, and cityscapes),  along with my background and other information, such as my daily blog.   You can keep up with my latest work by subcribing to either my blog, Facebook page, my email newsletter, or postcards announcing upcoming shows.

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Variations on a Theme
 May 3, 2014

I was speaking to someone on a airplane last night about the visual arts and how they relate to music. Here’s my analogy: In high school, I played jazz trombone. Key to that genre is the ability to improvise. It’s a beautiful thing to hear a musician create new music on the fly during an improvisation. What may seem to be a beautiful, but haphazard, run of notes is actually the result of playing within the composer’s written sequence of cord progressions. The jazz musician creates in the moment, but she does so based on what’s in front of her: sheet music (in a sense). The same is very much true of those artists that create variations based on a theme. The subject is the theme (sheet music) and the art is the variation (improvisation).

For me, a recent theme has been Moss Beach, here in Northern California. The series of paintings below shows how I’ve studied this area, and created variations on this landscape. The first three paintings are based on the same spot, but with different mediums–oil, watercolor–and different perspectives. The last 4 are looking in a different direction, but again, studies of the same view using different mediums and ideas. From these studies, I’m learning to record and compare my feelings for the spot so I can later determine what resonates and where to build upon–as, for example, a larger studio work.

I hope you enjoy these improvisations of Moss Beach. More to come.
Moss Beach Cove, Oil on Linen, 9x12

Moss Beach Cove, Oil on Linen, 9×12

Moss Beach Cove, Watercolor, 6x6

Moss Beach Cove, Watercolor, 6×6″

Moss Beach Study, Watercolor, 9x12

Moss Beach Study, Watercolor, 9×12

Moss Beach Bluffs 1, Watercolor, 6x6

Moss Beach Bluffs 1, Watercolor, 6×6

Moss Beach Study 2, Watercolor, 6x6

Moss Beach Study 2, Watercolor, 6×6

Moss Beach Bluffs 5, Watercolor, 4x6.5

Moss Beach Bluffs 5, Watercolor, 4×6.5″


Moss Beach Bluffs #3, Oil on Linen, 12x9

Moss Beach Bluffs #3, Oil on Linen, 12×9″

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